Friday Feels In Autumn

It’s ALREADY the weekend & we all know what that means! For some of us it’s party time. 🚸🎃🍂🎉‼️Halloween is this Monday and we are preparing a grand gathering. Getting candy treats ready for the trick or treaters. Planning assigned pot-lucks.

Casselenia.Co Crystal Quartz Water Bottles

This Holiday Season plan to be especially extraordinary. Introduce a higher quality of hydration into your circle. Add some Crystal Quartz elixir to your, popular all time favorites for example, lemonades, hot cocoas, warm cider. Enlighten your peers. Maybe even impress your spouse with something new. Crystal Quartz Elixir is a great way to raise the quality of your energy. And in the best way make your party the most memorable.

Casselenia.Co Rose Quartz Gemstone Water Bottle

How-To: Crystal Quartz Infused Party Drink

A simple way to incorporate Crystal Quartz elixir, into party-sized portioned beverages, is to remove your Crystal insert from your bottom lid, add your fully sun-charged Crystal Stone Insert into your desired pitcher of flavored drink. Let sit overnight, stirring once every 1hr for the first 3 hours. Add more stones for more stronger vibed Crystal Infusion. We recommended one Crystal insert per 1 gallon. Be sure to clean your inserts gently & throughly before placing back onto bottle. Enjoy the party! Tag us at #CSLNA & tell us how it went. Happy Halloween‼️

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