Waning Spooky Crescent Moon

Perfect for Trick or Treaters and Drive In theaters, but we do not recommend charging your stones under the Crescent Moons.

Casselenia.Co Amethyst Crystal Gem Bottle

Full Moon in Bright Bloom will better offer your Crystal insert an even full charge. It’s best to either place your stone full-of-water bottle in your porch area, atop a table perhaps or to empty your gemstone bottle completely and place your insert in an ideal baking area.

Casselenia.Co Rose Quartz Bottle / Logo Printed Tee

Come the morning dew, your stone will be ready to use. Giving lots & lots of Full Moon Crystal Infused Elixir. Moon water is great for rituals, candle floating, full moon bath additives and even cooking. Why not whip up some full moon cake? Let’s celebrate these beautiful stones and normalize elevated vibes 💎💕

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