It’s Tuesday, but its actually a Full Moon Tonight

8 Ways to Implement Crystal Infused Moon Water

If you’ve never tried it, now is your chance. Tonight makes perfect timing for Moon Water Baking. Simply fill your Casselenia.Co Crystal Elixir Bottle with your choice of drinking water, be it faucet, filtered or previously bottled H20. Place that bottle directly into the Moon Light. We recommend a table top in either the front or back porch, possibly place your Crystal Bottle on a table near the window also. As long as the Moonlight is reflecting from your stone, it is absorbing that natural energy.

Casselenia.Co Amethyst Crystal Elixir Bottle

Remember Casselenia.Co Natural Crystal Stones are much similar to succulents. They breathe, they are alive. Treat them almost like your plants. Give them sun, sing to them, embrace their presence. The difference here is you are drinking from this “plant” and it doesn’t require further watering to thrive, but you do. 😏🪴

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