Open Up a Little. It’s the Holidays. Now’s a Good Time 4 Communicating

1, 2, 3, 4……. off hand can you contemplate 4 effective communication ways you use, at least monthly, among your family & peers? We here at Casselenia.Co have a few suggestions to help you surround yourself with even more beloved enriched vibes this blessed Holiday Season.

Casselenia.Co Crossword Halloween handout

On Halloween Casselenia.Co staff handing out self esteem trait crosswords to the local kiddos in the neighborhood. In conjunction with the sweet savory goodness a child gets when they have a mouth full of sugar, we stuck with our suggestion #1

#1 Check On Your Strong Friends

Checking in on your strong friends means, hugging the one that’s always smiling. Just as our children do, sometimes our strong friends will smile and tell us everything’s alright, when we know the day may have been tough. Our kiddos put on such a brave face for us. As do our peers, you know, the friends who always claims to be okay. Give “that” friend an extra hug today. Text them a sweet nothing. Show up for someone who continues to show up for you.

Casselenia.Co Coloring Sheet Handouts

#2 Get Selfish. Take a Beat Just For You

  • Finally Take That Trip
  • Book a Spa Day
  • Do Some Light Shopping
  • Sit Through a 10min Meditation before Rushing In After Your Chores
  • Upgrade Your Favorite Pair of Shoes
  • Update your water Frequency With a Chakra Bottle

The Holidays are not only for getting together with loved ones but it’s for getting together and sharing love bonds. We get extra days off work to bond with ourselves also. This may be that simple bath you so desperately need. It might just be a plate from that restaurant you always pass by and haven’t had a chance to eat at. Whatever you desire, we here at Casselenia.Co suggest, delving a little deeper into you this time around also.

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#3 Tidy Up A Shared Space

They say it’s the little things in this life. You may be just as hard working as your busy partner and both of you may be noticing the toll it’s taking on your at-home life. Tidy Up A Shared Space. A high traffic area in your home could possibly use some sprucing up. Try this. Surprise your family with a cool new piece of furniture. Or maybe you just need some real time elbow grease to breathe some life back into an overused section. You might even need to fix something that’s been hanging around just waiting for you to get to it. All in all, just imagine the elevated vibes you’ll brew up in your families soul when you give them good news. The kids you all can share. That makes it even better. This is an easy one. You should try it.

Casselenia.Co Coloring Sheet Handout

#4 Just Let it Go

Woooo Saaaahhh !! Yes! Scream it if you have to at this point, but we here at Casselenia.Co, urge you to forgive this Season. The Holidays are for gatherings. We hope your congregation is that of a good vibes tribe. During the festivities show up whole heartedly pleasant and mean it. Let go of any animosity toward your neighbors, coworkers or you know that one family member that we just can’t seem to see eye to eye with. Be selfish on this one and save yourself some hassle. We suggest breathing in discernment and slowly breathing out and always out dissipating energies of all mope and pout.

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