1.3 Million Miles

Thats the flight duration of our beloved American Artemis 1 NASA Space Craft. Oh can we only imagine the glorious beauty of the magnificent galaxy. All the treasures this November 16th, 2022 1:47am “Self Flight” space craft from Florida will encounter on its trip to the Moons Atmosphere.

Full Moon Siting Box Canyon, AZ

Looks so small from here, doesn’t it. The moon. Insane how long it will take the Artemis Space Craft to acquire all the vibes we capture in the length of one short evening. The power of the Sun is that of inexplicable capabilities. What a blessing it is to have such communicational utensils from an uncharted sacred vessel. No man can duplicate that in which we’ve been awarded merely a rock that connects us to true purity.

Casselenia.Co Dionne Planet Earring Set

We here at Casselenia.Co love the idea of helping another human by bringing everyone pure true energy via amazing items representing our greater goodness. Spread more love. Give more light. Let’s all send vibes of grace to the astronauts conducting the exploration of Artemis I. Let us also be thankful for having a liveable planet.

Casselenia.Co Amethyst Stone Bottle featuring Summer Sun-Made Tea

Remember most recycled plastic is going to landfills. If we all begin to do our part, we will all begin to make a difference. Why not make reusable bottles a family tradition? Add value to your household. Set some modern standards. Be on the right side of history. It’s time. Reduce, Reuse Recycle.

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