Top 5 Goals Easily Gotten

Goal # 3 Say NO!! to dieting. Yes, I know this sounds crazy. Trust us on this. Instead of going for the unknown replace your satisfying cravings with healthy alternatives you are willing to tolerate. ex: Looking for an at-your-desk salty crunch? Carrot chips! Salt them, Season them or add more veggies. The more you research the more you’ll progress. You can trade just about anything junk, for something with a little extra umph, for the long run.

Do A Daily Dump

Goal # 4 Jotting. We here at Casselenia.Co call it the hidden therapist. Sometimes the best resolution to our problem is close in our own grasp, but the clouded vision of a loaded situation can disrupt this processing. Jotting, doodling or even reading past entries can resurface the mind. Coming from a conflict stand point to a sound mind point of view and transitioning makes all the difference when you’re in a state of dismay.

Goal # 5 WATCH YOUR MOUTH 🫢🧼 This coming generation has had just about an ounce of respect entering into this life. One by one we can call show them how it’s done by making wiser choices. This starts first with what you say, how you sound and who you plan on being. It’s never too late to do it better. Let’s up our game make more sophisticated grammar choices, especially in front of our innocent littles.

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