Amethyst Crystal Stone Gem Bottle


Amethyst Natural Crystal Quartz Water Bottle

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Purple Amethyst Chakra Crystals balance vibes of your crown aura (top of the head) . These crown chakras operate your nervous system. Use this Elixir vibe to maintain self soothing methods. Purple Amethyst chakra crystals are not only pretty to look at, but they also relieve anxiety and deduce stress.

This beautiful Bamboo Glass Bottle contains a Purple Amethyst Natural Crystal tower. It’s gorgeous BPA free, High Borosiclate Glass Twist-Apart vessel can capture Amethyst vibes for up to 16fl oz of any warm or chilled non-carbonated beverage of your choice.

To vibe the highest always cleanse and charge your crystals prior to usage.

We recommend Purple Amethyst Elixir Energy for everyone.

To charge your crystal insert simply place it around the house/window pane/porch area in natural sunlight for any intuitively given amount of time.

Every bottle comes with its own complimentary soft black sleeve. Your bottle can be used with or with out protection gear.

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